Three visions of one skirt

Three visions of one skirt


History of that skirt

At some point, I got in my wardrobe that one skirt. For sure, it was a gift, an accidental one with no specific reason. It deferentially wasn’t my style. It was very lush too simple and long at the same time, and it was on a rubber. Summarizing all of that, it was absolutely “not mine,” and I had no intention ever to wear it. However, it is a gift, so it went to a wardrobe for a good couple of years. At some point when iv been searching for something, this skirt got my attention and refused to give up. It showed me its deep blue colour and demanded me to try it on or at least think it is that horrible or it will have a chance to be walked out on the streets. I risked to wear that non-masterpiece and, at that moment, realized that I wouldn’t be able to get rid of it. This skirt was so airy, light, delicate, and its fabric so gently flowed on my foot and doused the coolness, so the only thing I was able to think about is how to use it within my style. I
started experimenting, trying on different images, combinations and styles. Here you see the result. I still do not wear this skirt, but I love it, dearly.

First style

Second style

Third style